D’Hulst to Naville, April 19, 1887

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[1] Cairo April 19th 1887 

[2] My dear Sir 

[3] The contract is signed & I have 

[4] been with Mr. Coghill to the Public 

[5] Work’s office. They regret much but 

[6] are unable to lent us a tent, 

[7] having at present none in their 

[8] stores. Do you perhaps know 

[9] any English officer through whose 

[10] intermediary we could lent a 

[11] tent from the army? 

[12] Major Ross told us he was 

[13] affraid Mr. Coghill would at 

[14] present no more <longer> find enough 

[15] water in the canal to ship 

[16] the antiquities from Nebesheh 

[17] to Facus & told Mr. Coghill to

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MS source:

Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. fr. 2542, f. 228

D’Hulst to Naville, April 19, 1887, contd.

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[1] make sure about this before 

[2] he would begin. Mr. Coghill, when 

[3] at Nebesheh, was told by the 

[4] boatmen that it was practicable, 

[5] however he has decided to sent 

[6] down somebody to-morrow 

[7] to Facus (to-day it was too late for 

[8] the train) to make inquieries. This 

[9] person will be back here by 

[10] Thursday evening, when Mr. 

[11] Coghill will let me know 

[12] the result. 

[13] I remain my dear Sir 

[14] yours faithfully 

[15] Riamo d’Hulst

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Notes on the text:

1.Facus alt. spelling Faqus

2.D’Hulst, possibly a native German speaker, appears to write “lent” not “lend” and “sent” not “send” and misspells several words, such as afraid and inquiries.

MS source:

Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. fr. 2542, f. 229