D’Hulst to Naville, April 12, 1887

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[1] Royal Hotel, Cairo 

[2] April 12th 87 

[3] My dear Sir 

[4] I have forwarded to-day the box, as 

[5] requested to Mr. Petrie at Bedraschein. You 

[6] forgot to tell me how you would settle the 

[7] bill (three times 36 shillings) with Mr. Petrie, 

[8] I suppose it will be best you arrange that 

[9] through Mr. Griffith. As I told you I shall 

[10] take the boxes over at the same price when 

[11] I shall go to Nebesheh. I have seen Mr. 

[12] Coghill to-day; I can get rid of part of the 

[13] stores for his engineer, as he will have 

[14] to take stores. 

[15] All what Mr. Petrie required I found 

[16] with the exception of one tins in one of the 

[17] boxes at Mr. Large’s. I also spoke to Mr. 

[18] Large about the bill & he told me: The 

[19] boxes of Mr. Petrie & Mr. Griffith had been 

[20] given into his charge without that he 

[21] had been told <that> they were private property 

[22] and as neither of those gentlemen had 

[23] an account with him he naturally con-

[24] cluded that the boxes belonged to the Fund

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[1] & he had booked them accordingly. Mr. 

[2] Large has promised however to rearrange 

[3] our account. I suppose I am right to say 

[4] there are only two boxes of Mr. Griffith’s 

[5] at Large’s? 

[6] I remain My dear Sir 

[7] Yours faithfully 

[8] Riamo d’Hulst

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Historical notes:

1. El-Badrashein or al-Badrashin

MS source:

Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. fr. 2542, f. 227