D’Hulst to Naville, March 15, 1887

[Page 1, recto]

[1] Cairo March 15th 1887

[2] My dear Mr. Naville

[3] I have got an answer from Mr. James

[4] Coghill for the removal of the antiquities at Tell Nebesheh

[5] & Abusir respectively to Boulak and Alexandria & those

[6] for Boston & London. The price he requires for this

[7] work will be three hundred pounds sterling.

[8] I enclose a copy of the contract Mr. Coghill

[9] is willing to enter into. He will not do more than

[10] guarantee due care, for, he says, to do more he cannot.

[11] Awaiting your decision, I remain

[12] Yours faithfully

[13] Riamo d’Hulst

[Page 1, verso: blank]

MS source:

Bibliothèque de Genève, Ms. fr. 2542, f. 226

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